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Lara Natural Music was founded in 1999 by Charlie Boston in Chelsea, in the heart of London, England. It was set up as both a recording and a publishing company to provide a marketing basis for Charlie's first compact disc of twelve original songs composed in a style influenced by American bluegrass and folk music. Since this time Lara has recorded and published two further Charlie Boston albums, all featuring Charlie's original compositions, and an album by resonator guitarist, Ced Thorose, featuring many of Ced's original compositions.

CharlieCharlie Boston
Charlie's Mother was Australian and he was initially influenced as much by Australian folk music as anything American. Both of his parents had famous relatives in the world of classical music. His father's uncle was Sir Thomas Beecham, the British conductor and founder of three symphony orchestras, while one of his great-grandmothers was Clara Schumann, wife of the German composer Robert Schumann.
Charlie began writing songs when he was sixteen. Since his early twenties, when he began gigging, he has played in a wide variety of venues, including two years in a row at the Edinburgh Festival. Charlie wrote all 36 songs on his three albums, "Driftwood", "Truths & Fantasies" and "Dogwood Place". His principal guitar and mandolin are made by British luthier, Andy Manson (www.AndyManson.co.uk). He lives in London with his wife, Janey, and their dog, Lara, after whom the record label was named.

CedCed Thorose
Ced has been a mainstay of the British bluegrass scene for around thirty years, during which time he has played and recorded with virtually every bluegrass player of importance in the UK. Apart from being a world class resonator guitar player, he is also a fine maker of the instruments and is responsible for several new designs. This is one reason he prefers to describe the instrument as a "resonator guitar" rather than a "dobro", which is, after all, the trade name of another manufacturer.
Not only a uniquely skilful player, Ced is also a writer of a wide variety of instrumental compositions. These range from hard-hitting bluegrass breakdowns to the most delicate and lyrical compositions, many of which are featured on his album, "Diamond Back". He lives in London with his wife, the singer Mary O'Rourke, and their two daughters, Leanne and Trina.

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Engineer/producer: Joe Leach (www.cowshedstudio.com)
Recording Studios: The Premises (www.premisesstudios.com)
Designer: Dan Broughton (website design)
Photography: Sylvan Mason (www.sylvanmason.com)
CD manufacturing: Lemon Media (www.lemonmedia.co.uk)

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