February 2003, Charlie Boston signs a distribution agreement with Start Records (www.nostalgiamusic.co.uk). The albums will shortly be released through Start Records by international distributors, BMG.

Charlie Boston at the UK Country Radio Awards in February 2004 receiving his award for "Best Hotdisc of the Year 2003" for the track "Missing you again". This is the first time an artist has won this prestigious award two years in a row. Charlie was also nominated in three other categories: "Best Song of the Year", "Best Single of the Year" and "Listener's Choice of the Year".

Charlie Boston signing his publishing contract with David Carr of Orsino's Songs Limited.

Charlie Boston making his acceptance speech at the UK Country Radio Awards after winning the category "Best Hotdisc of the Year 2002" for the track "Fly like a Swallow". He was also nominated in the category for "Best Album of the Year".

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