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Due to problems we have experienced with online payments, we have decided for the time being to accept payments only by cheque. Please note, if your bank is not British, you may still use a cheque from your local bank account simply by crossing out the local currency and substituting a "£" sign in substitution for the local currency sign and writing in the narrative write, for example, "Eleven pounds Sterling". We have checked with our bankers who confirm that this is perfectly OK.

We know this is a bit boring compared to the ease of using a credit card online, but it does have the benefit of being a lot safer. Just make sure you give us your name and address with the order. Thanks.

Dogwood Place

Dogwood Place (Charlie Boston)
Ref LNM006
Cost: £9.50

Diamond Back

Diamond Back (Ced Thorose)
Ref LNM005
Cost: £9.50

Truths and Fantasies

Truths & Fantasies (Charlie Boston Band)
Ref LNM004
Cost: £9.50


Driftwood (Charlie Boston Band)
Ref LNM002
Cost: £9.50

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